Friday, May 11, 2012


I believe in Miracles.  This miracle may seem small to some but all miracles are a big deal to me.
For Arabella's 2nd birthday she was given a caterpillar in a little carrier.  The instructions said to feed the caterpillar parsley every day and clean out it's home.  Arabella and I did that and she loved visiting with it.  I explained to her that it would make a cocoon and then turn into a butterfly.  The chrysalis stage was suppose to last about 8 days.  When he went in to his cocoon, it looked very gray and dry.  Not alive looking.  But I had never studied one before so I just hoped that is what it was suppose to look like.  Well, 8 days came and went.  We still visited Arabella's "raccoon" (that is what she called it : )  She would carry it around with her, we would place it in a nice cool spot with greenery around it.  Still looked pitiful.  It made me so sad but I couldn't break it to Arabella.  In the mean time, Arabella's friend got one too.  It's cocoon was green and alive looking. : (
During this time we had the chance to move to a new home in the country.  We were busy moving and kind of forgot about our "raccoon" sitting in the garden after 3 months.

On the last day of our move, Cory did one final walk through to make sure we got everything.  He came running to Arabella and I with a big grin on his face.  He showed us the little carrier with a BEAUTIFUL butterfly inside.  I started crying.  A miracle!
This butterfly wanted to wait to come with us to our new home.  It waited patiently for 4 months.  This is Arabella helping it practice flying before we let it go.

I love miracles.

They are happening every day, all around us, just believe.



  1. Reading this story and seeing the pictures made our day! Arabella and her butterfly are proof to us that faith and love are fertile grounds for growing "miracles."
    May your lives be blessed with many more.

    Leslie and Jim Snyder

    1. Thank you so much Leslie and Jim! You make good tears come to my eyes. You two are part of our miracle. : ) Thanks for being so sweet to us. With love, Tara