Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Learn How To REALLY Sew

I am so excited that I have a chance to learn how to REALLY sew.  I have been winging it for long enough. : )  One of my lovely clients daughter is a very skilled seamstress and has taken me under her wing.  I know all of you skilled sewers take a big sigh of releif that you don't have to look at any more of my silly projects.

Miss Laurie (as Arabella calls her) helped me make this pillowcase dress.  The version takes pillowcase dresses to a whole new level with the different horizontal panels and the satin strip on the bottom.  The toule bow is my touch to it.  If you don't have a tutu you can still have toule somewhere. : )

Arabella LOVED her new dress.  She wore it on our vacation to The Greenbrier in West Virginia where they have a stricked dress code.  But she passed and danced for hours in the grand ballroom in it.
These are some of the other projects Mrs. Laurie will teach at her new class this summer.  She is starting off everyone very easy.  She is also versatile.  She will change projects if you would rather make something else the whole class wants to make.
 She will be at Hobby Lobby (my favorite place) in Tallahassee, Florida every Thursday starting July 12, 2012 from 5:30 to 7 p.m.  The class is $15 and you will need to bring supplies.  So just do a little shopping at Hobby Lobby beforehand.  You will also need to bring your machine.  She will have one extra one with her just in case.
 I hope everyone can make it.  It has been such a wonderful creative outlet for me to be able to sew.  Also, there is nothing like being able to make things for your family and friends.
 I love these little cell phone holders in the above picture.  Remember, you can make any of these things and more but add a touch of your style by picking out your own fabric.
Hope to see you a there with your thimbles on! : )


p.s. Please e-mail Laurie at to register.  Thanks!

Monday, July 9, 2012

How Do You Explain Death To A Toddler

This is a question I find myself asking al ot lately.  Recently we lost two wonderful people in our lives.  First, John who you see in the pictures below with Arabella and I.  He was one of our beloved clients and friends.  John and Arabella had a special bond.  She would help him workout by handing him his weights, holding his hand or simply make him laugh while I gave him his dreaded workouts.  He didn't like to work out but as long as I had my secret weapon (Arabella : ) with me, we could make it through.

 He was a great listener.  He had to be because when you got me and his daughter, Claire together, we became chatty Cathy's : )  He had such a gracious heart.  He would always give both of us a hug after the work out and tell us how much he loved us.  We love you, John.
 Jill passed very shortly after John.  You can see them both in the picture below.  I am so thankful that we were able to have them both over to our house this past Easter.  Their children are best friends, so they became friends too.

Jill is my adopted Grandmother.  She holds a special place in my heart.  You can see that is made a big impression on Arabella too. : ) 
Jill was an amazing dancer aside from being an AMAZING person.  I promise to carry on her "lovely hula hands" dance even though I could never do it as beautiful as she did.  Jill, I will miss your amazing insight, love and compliments.
Back to the question- How do you explain death to a toddler?  I don't know the answer to this but I try to follow my intuition and feel things out on things like this.

When Arabella and I were going to visit John's daughter for the first time after he passed, she asked if John was still sick.  I said (deep breath) he actually went to heaven.  She said "my friends are dead".  Moment of shock by what she just said, but then thought how intuitive that was of her.  She then went on to talk about her baby dolls.  When we got to John and Claire's house she asked where John was.  I got down on the floor with her and told her he went to heaven.  She seemed fine with that and went on to play with her toys.  Later, she told me she was glad John and bunny (their 25 year old beloved cat that past away last year) were able to play in heaven together. tear. 

I'm still not sure the right or wrong answer on this but I know following your heart and intuition is always right.  And, I am always open it suggestions and ideas.

We will miss you greatly, John and Jill.



Friday, July 6, 2012

How To TuTu

Nothing is better than a tutu to brighten your day.  Arabella would wear one everyday if she could.  I have made her several versions and put them with T-shirts to make them more everyday wear. 

I made this (pic below) European style tutu for my friend Mandy.  We did a dance competition together and she needed a tutu for her part.  The typical European style tutu's cost around $400 so I decided to try to make hers.  It was only $35 when the tulle went on sale at Hobby Lobby.

Arabella had to have one after she saw Mandy's.  This is Arabella practicing her dance before we competed on stage.   Not to brag but we did win platinum and got a 5 out of 5 on costumes. : ) 
If you have read my blog before, you know that I am not a skilled seamstress.  I just try to be creative with the skills I do have.  I hand sewed this one because the tulle is so thick. 
I made pleats with 8 layers of tulle.  Sewed it to elastic then flipped it upside down to created a tutu that stands out more.  That is what is different about a European Tutu- they stick out.
This multi-colored tutu that you can see below is made by knots.  I bought tulle at Hobby Lobby on the spindle and cut four strips at a time.  I doubled the length that I wanted the tutu to be and made a knot in the center around her elastic.

I think it makes it more fun if it isn't perfect, even lengths all the way around.   Or that is what I tell myself so I don't stress over it being perfect. : )

Happy Tutuing!