Monday, March 26, 2012

Creative Play

The theory behind Creative Play is that you don't distract your child with too many toys so they can create their own play.  It is amazing what they come up with when you do this.  It's a lot cheaper and easier to clean up too. : )

It is so funny what Arabella will choose to play with even if she has toys around.  Not to say she doesn't love her toys but most of the time she will create her own "toy". 

In the top picture she found a box and I pushed her all over the house in it.  Then I started doing like the Tea Cups at Disney World and starting spinning her.  A box slides and spins really well.  I wanted to jump in for a ride. : )

The picture below was our leaf piles for the fall.  She played for hours and days in them.  I had forgotten how fun and soft leaf piles can be.

She has also just found sticks of different sizes and made a mama, dada and baby family of sticks to play house with.

At the beach she took our Starbucks (I know they put something in it to make us addicted : )  They do have some great teas if you are avoiding caffeine) cup rings and made sandcastles with them.

Like I said, she loves her baby dolls and toy cars (Thanks Uncle DJ) but it is amazing what she will come up without all the stuff.

Happy Playing!


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