Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Favorite Shoe- Five Fingers

If you know me, you know I don't promote something unless I absolutely believe in it.  I LOVE the Five Fingers Shoe! 

They are the perfect shoe because they work with your body to help it function the way it was suppose to.  We weren't made to wear shoes.  Our anatomy is designed where we use our toes and soles of our feet to take in the shock of movement and balance.  Five Fingers allows you to do this.  Regular shoes bunch your toes together so they can't function and they make you heal strike.  This causes knee, hip and low back issues.

I have knee issues from an accident when I was 16 and I couldn't run the way I would like.  Ever since I got my Five Fingers, I can run, run, run.  And it feels so free because you don't have those heavy shoes on.  Also, my feet would burn and ache after being on my feet all day at work, but not now. : )  Still could use a good foot massage every once and a while (hint hint, Cory : ).

I do have to admit that the transition was tough.  I had to redevelop the right muscles to work again.  I was very sore the first couple of times I ran in them.  I just stretch a little extra and took Epsom salt baths.  So don't get discourage when you first get them.  Also, stay on soft surfaces.  We weren't made to run on concrete.  I try to mostly trail run but I don't have a choice some times.

Thank you to The Shoe Box for being our official sponsor at my 5k.  They have a wonderful selection of Five Fingers and the most friendly staff.  They are also a family owned business and we all need to support our small businesses.

If you come out on to the Second Annual Healthy Mama, Happy Baby 5k you could win either a $100 or a $50 gift certificate to the Shoe Box to get your pair of Five Fingers. : )

Cheers to Happy, Healthy Feet!


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