Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eat Something Green Every Day

I make it a priority to eat something green every day. Your body needs the power nutrients and fiber found in dark, leafy greens for energy, immune support, cleaning out toxins and weight control. The darker the greens the more nutrients they hold. During the summer I eat more salads and also drink green smoothies for my greens. In the colder months I stir fry kale, collards or any other fresh local, organic greens, which are widely available at Farmers’ Markets and health food grocery stores. Sautéing these local greens with garlic and onions in olive oil (just cook lightly) will also boost their nutrition and strengthen your immune system during the cold and flu season.

My latest favorite green is Wheatgrass Juice, which has amazing benefits in just one 2 oz. shot. The fresh juice has 90 out of 102 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and is equal to the nutrients in 3 lbs. of organic vegetables. It helps bring your body into an alkaline state. Studies have shown that when your body is acidic you have more aches and pains. Wheatgrass Juice helps keep it from being too acidic, thereby reducing inflammation. I have so much more energy after I get my fresh Wheatgrass shot from New Leaf Market.


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