Saturday, December 15, 2012


I love the game of golf. To be able to walk in beautiful settings, play a fun game and spend time with fun people makes for the perfect day for me. My new favorite coarse is The Capital City Country Club for obvious reasons for people that know me but also the fact that it has amazing oak trees and a wonderfly peaceful setting right in the heart of Tallahassee.
Here are some tips to help any Golfers out there. :)
Golfers need to exercise if they want to improve their stroke.
The legs are your base and stability. You need to do exercises that with create strength, endurance and balance. Such as lunges, specialty squats and balance exercises.
The core is crucial for your accuracy and power. Your core is where you create energy to your extremities. See below for two key exercises.
Also, you need to build strength in your arms and back for the perfect golf swing. Your back strength is crucial to protect against any aches and pains. Arm exercises will give you more control and help you accurately connect with the ball.
Flexibility is a whole other post because of its importance.
Happy Golfing! :)


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