Monday, December 31, 2012

New Resolutions

Every year for my resolution; I try to find a simple way to improve my life so I will stick with it.

Last year I said I would eat at least one thing green every day. I did that and will continue because I feel so much better when I do.

This year I will try to have more fun for my cardio sessions. Instead of the typical treadmill, elliptical or bike for calorie burn/heart strength; I will try to add some laughter in with my workouts. While these machines work great- it always helps to keep things fun.

More bike rides or runs on all the great trails that Tallahassee has. Speed golf- where you run in between holes with 3 clubs (I know I will get some grief for this but this is a great workout & fun).

In this picture- I would run up the hill with my little girl then ride on her scooter down the hill. Or I would push her up. Try that 20 times- talk about a great workout.

Happy Healthy New Year!


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