Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Craft

This Easter Craft is so easy and the results are so pretty.  We made these last year and if they can survive the hands of a toddler- they will keep for years.

First, you drill a hole in the eggs.  We get eggs from our farm, so the shells are tough (which means lots of good minerals).  We had to borrow Dada's drill and make a hole on each end of the egg.  Blow the egg out.  I used vinegar to clean the egg out.

I bought this ribbon at JoAnn's for a dollar.  Glue (with a glue gun) end of ribbon to one hole of the egg and start wrapping the ribbon.  I placed a little dot of glue here and there to keep the ribbon in place.  Of course we had to make our "Golden Egg" hot pink and we added a little frill on the bottom. : )

In the above picture I made little chocolate birds nest with all organic ingredients.  Yes- sugar but still organic.  I use organic pretzel rods for the twigs, organic melted chocolate for the nest too and then organic yogurt covered almonds for the eggs.

This face is why we try not to have sugar- The Sugar Crash.  I don't want her to ever feel deprived on holidays so I do allow sugar (without the dyes and chemicals).  To counteract the affect of sugar I make sure she has enough protein in her system so there isn't such a spike.  But sometimes you just can't avoid it.

This was Arabella's 1st Easter.  She was 6 months old.

Happy Easter!


The Poseys

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