Thursday, April 26, 2012

How To Have A Eco-Friendly Birthday Party- Plus Pics From Arabella's 2nd Birthday

I think the first key component to having a great Eco-Friendly Birthday is to pick a great location.  If you have a wonderful setting, you don't have to do a ton of decorating.

I am so thankful to my friends for letting me have Arabella's eco-friendly 2nd birthday party at their beautiful home.

Her party was a "Winged Theme".  So anything that had wings was there.  Butterflies, Fireflies, Dragonflies, Fairies and Sprites.  All of the kids were welcomed to wear their wings too.

The second key component for me to have a wonderful party is to have great friends and family there.  Of course Dada in the top pic gets the kings of guest.  The bottom picture is one of Arabella's best friends, Brooklyn.  Her mom and I have been best friends since we were about their age. : )

I love how all of her guest dressed up in some way in the bottom picture.

Jo Jo (Arabella's Grandpa) gets the other crown for king of guest.

For some actual decorations.  I used all my old sewing scraps and tied them to my Christmas lights.  We hung them in trees and then lined the walkways with them.

You can re-use these decorations for Christmas too.

In the bottom picture, I took old egg cartons and made flower petals out of them.  Arabella, Helene (my friend that shared her birthday with Arabella) and I used finger paints and painted them.  We also sprinkle glitter on the wet paint.  I then made a hole in the bottom and put more Christmas lights in holes.  We strung these in all bushes.

For the food, I used all organic ingredients.  Here we stuffed raspberries with chocolate chips and called them "Bugs and Berries".

I bought organic gummy worms, dipped them in chocolate and then put them on lollipop sticks.  I used pieces of raspberries for the eyes.  These were "Chocolate Caterpillars" to go along with the Wing Theme.

I bought yogurt covered almonds to be the "Caterpillar's Eggs".

We made rainbow fruit sticks that could also be "Rainbow Caterpillars".  Just put fruit on skewers and stick into a melon.

For Arabella's cake, I used all organic ingredients.  I would love to try the fondant cakes at some point but I have to research on how to not use those dyes.  I used some all natural dyes for Arabella's cake but not sure if it would work for a fondant.

: )  Found these at Hobby Lobby.  No, not eco-friendly but you have to break the rules sometimes for cuteness.

I made Arabella's top out of organic cotton fabric.  My favorite selection is from Fabric Worm .com.

The best eco-friendly gift Arabella got was a caterpillar in this little holder.  They are suppose to turn into a cocoon then a butterfly after about 8-10 days.  This didn't happen with hers but I will share that story another time. : )  She LOVED this gift and so did the other kids.  Brooklyn had to go get one the next day.

These are the wings I made for Arabella.  I used a  pair of Helen's old wings and just added all sorts of goodies.

Mama and Dada deserve a good kiss after pulling that off. : )

Thank you again to the O'Hagen's for allowing us to make some wonderful memories at their house! And thank you so much to Chisty Baldwin Photography for capturing these moments for us!  She was amazing.  She would hide away in the corner snapping her pics and you wouldn't even know she was there.  I realized now what a blessing it is to have someone take pictures for you while you get to enjoy the moment.

Happy Birthday planning!


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