Monday, April 9, 2012

This Day At Lodestar Farm- running, yoga, cooking, massage and cow chasing : )

This day at Lodestar consisted of a little running, a little yoga, a little cooking, a little massage oh and a little cow chasing. : )

The Second Annual Healthy Mama, Happy Baby 5k Event turned out to be the best yet!

The running was perfect as a cool breeze came in after the rain.  Everyone loved the track through the oak trees and by the spring fed pond.  Congratulations to Mason Bell who won (even though there wasn't suppose to be a winner).  The inner competitor came out in me and I tried to catch him but that hill caught me. : )

We did a little Farm Animal Yoga to stretch after the run.  Arabella and I are doing Down Dog here.  The kids helped me come up with what animals to do and how to do them.  They loved being creative and just moving.  Below Isabelle is showing me what a flamingo would do. : )

I had a little cooking class for the kids on how to make a raw healthy snack.  I used raw sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, dates, coconut oil (has wonderful anti-microbial properties to create a healthy gut) and a dash of salt (all organic).  Pureed in a food processor and Voila you have a snack that has protein, healthy carbs, healthy fats and taste good too!

The day couldn't get any better after sharing it with wonderful friends!  Well, I take that back, getting free massages from the AMAZING Jesse Corry might be a hard topper.  Sorry Helene. : )

You know I had to make Arabella a tutu to run in. : )

Where else could you run a 5k and chase some cows while you were at it! : )

Thank you to everyone who came out and made this day so wonderful.  A special thanks to Lydia Bell from Elle Belle Photography for capturing these amazing moments!

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