Friday, April 13, 2012

Farm Animal Yoga

Farm Animal Yoga is a great way to be creative and interact with your toddler or child.  There are no rules- just have fun.  I have a couple of animals I teach but then I let the kids create the rest or just guide them when they have a idea.

On the top picture, Arabella and I are doing Down Dog.  The picture below, Isabelle is doing a flamingo.  She came up with the idea of doing a flamingo, I showed her how to do the legs and then she bent forward and flapped her wings.  Both of these moves are a great stretch and wonderful for balance.

We also created what a cow, chicken, horse, frog, cat, donkey, snake, giraffe and sheep might do.  With the cow, we got on all fours and arched our back with a big sway in our back like a cow has.  The cat is the same position but rounding your back like a cat does when he gets scared.  The donkey and horse were kind of like the picture at the top but we walked around.  Frog, we got into a deep squat and hopped around.  The sheep were on all fours and added a BAAA to it.  With snake we laid on our tummies and pushed up with arms to get a nice back and ab stretch.  Giraffe, you stand up real tall and stretch your neck out as much as you can.  

Again, no rules.  Just have fun!

-Tara : ) 

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