Saturday, December 17, 2011

5 Minute Skirt

This is the easiest skirt ever!  If you are not a skilled sewer as I am- this is the project for you!  It really only takes 5 minutes. 

First let me tell you about one of the best photographers in Tallahassee.  Christy Baldwin took this photo.  She is so good will children.  Arabella is very shy at first but she warmed right up with Christy.  Please check out Christy Baldwin Photography . com  for any kind of photography you want but especially children, pregnancy, birth and family shots.
I made this skirt for Arabella's first Ballet.  She went to see the Nutcracker and I thought she needed a little bit of toole as a tribute to the tutu.

This is Arabella at the Ballet with Dada.  I promise she had a blast even though the picture doesn't look like it. : )  She was so excited to see the Ballerinas and wanted to get up on stage so bad to dance with them.  Dream come true for me.
To make the skirt:

Measure your fabric 2 - 3 times longer in width then their size.  For  instance- Arabella wears a 4T and a yard of fabric is the perfect width for her.  I get the length by using one of her skirts that fits right now and doubling that. 

Fold your fabric length wise.  Right sides facing.  Sew the ends.

Pull the fabric inside out like the picture below.  You will not have a seem at the bottom.
At the top of the fabric, fold it over twice.  Start a seem at the center where you want the bow to be.  Sew all the way around leaving a little hole to put the ribbon through.  Feed your ribbon through and tie your nice little bow.

Voila!   Easy fun skirt!


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