Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why We All Should Be Squating More

The Squat is the SUPER move to exercise like Kale is the SUPER food.  When you squat you work every muscle in your body from your waiste down.  You work your butt (glutes), inner thighs (adductors), outter thighs (abductors), thighs (quads) and calves. 

This move is not only a great squating position but a great stretch too.  Make sure your back is flat, heels are planted, knees aren't going over the toes and you aren't tucking your bottom.  Try to hold for 30 seconds or more.
This is another great squat.  Sit back like you are sitting in a chair until your thighs are parallel to the ground.  Push through the heels so your knees aren't over working.  Try 20 reps.

We use to squat so much more (back in the days when we had to go potty outside).  There are studies that show that they didn't have the issues birthing their babies or with weak pelvic floors (i.e. incontinence) like we do now.  When we squat, we work the butt muscles that keeps us from tucking under and creating a smaller pelvic area (we wanted a larger pelvic area so we can give birth easier).   This also helps tighten the pelvic floor and keep from incontinence.  We all don't want that!

 Please read this AWESOME article  here  at Mama Sweat Blog- it explains all of this much more throuroughly.
If you do have knee problems, you can do these two exercises above and below.  The one above- sit with your legs in a V then lift your foot about two inches off the ground.  This works the top of the leg without having to use the knee.  Do 10 on each leg.  Combine it with this one below.  It works the back of the leg.  Lay on your stomach and place the foot at your knee then lift the bent knee about two inches off the ground.  Repeat 15 times on each side.
This is another modified squat.  Arabella is assisting my client, John. : )  He just celebrated his 89th birthday.  Place the ball on your low back.  Lean into the ball with your feet slightly out in front of you.  Roll down as far as you can on the ball.  Having your legs parallel to the ground is ideal.  Make sure your knees aren't going over your toes as you squat.  Push through your heels.  Try for 15-20.

Happy Squating!


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