Monday, December 19, 2011

Top 3 Gifts For Your Honey

Here is me an my honey 5 years ago. : )

After 5 years I have learned that hinting about what you want for Christmas doesn't always work.  I figured I would write a post for all the ladies out there to just send it on to their significant other.  This way it is in black and white what we REALLY want.

I know times are tough so I found all these gifts that are at or under $100.  We mainly want to feel loved, thought of and cared for.

These suggestions are in no specific order.  They are all equally great!

1.  Specialty Jewelry by bluesky design.  This jewelry is very special.  The quality of the stones are amazing.  It isn't expensive but I feel like it is when I wear it.  My dear friend makes all of her pieces by hand with love and sells them locally in Tallahassee at Textures.  If you aren't local you can shop online  here  at etsy.  You can also find her on facebook at bluesky designs.  I know your honey will feel special getting one of these beautiful necklaces or earrings.

2. Christy Baldwin Photography-  How can you say you love someone more than wanting to capture a special moment in life together.  If your honey is pregnant, you could schedule a pregnancy shoot or get mega points by hiring Christy to photograph your child's birth.  Also you could set up a family shoot at a special spot.  I know your honey would love this! 

She took this photo of Arabella.  Christy made her feel so comfortable that she even got a smile out of her.  That is huge because Arabella is very shy at first. 

3.  A Massage-  Enough said.   Don't we all want and NEED a massage.  Well I know the best person in town.  Jesse Corry L.M.T.  He is so talented and will work out any pain or kink you might have.  He specializes in Massage Therapy for Pain Relief.  He also has a state of the art massage table for pregnancy.  This is the only table like it in town that I know of.  You can finally get a proper massage while you are pregnant.  And don't be afraid of going to a man for a massage because Jesse will make you feel so comfortable and at ease.  He has 12 years of experience so I know he can help you with anything you might need.

You can reach him at (850) 212-4244  or go by his office at 104 West 5th Ave.

This is Arabella her first Christmas. : ) 3 months old
 This is Christmas Eve on our way to a party.
 This is Arabella calling Santa on her 2nd Christmas. a little over a year old
 : )
This is her this year. : ) a little over 2 years old

See if you give your honey one of these wonderful gifts, you just might get an Arabella 9 months later. : )  Arabella was conceived on Christmas. : )

Merry Christmas!


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