Monday, December 12, 2011

No More Toxins: In My Medicine Cabinet

Before you read this, you do need to read (Joy-Who Truly Made Me Healthy) in order to understand why I am so passionate about cleaning out toxins in our life.

First, you may think- oh, what is an aspirin.  But studies have shown that as little as three aspirin taken by the mama can effect the hormones in a growing baby.  I learned the hard way that every little bit effects our babies.

If I can have a 22 hour labor and a 9 pounder with NO pain meds- not even an aspirin- you can do this!

I decided when I got pregnant with Arabella (9 months after I lost Joy), that I was not going to take any kind of meds unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.  I haven't taken ANY meds in four years now.  Once you make up your mind, it's not that hard.  Also, if you are eating right (Green Smoothies, Raw Garlic and Onion in my recipes), exercising and stretching like you are suppose too, you won't be having the headaches or getting sick.  Yes, I have had some headaches (with lack of sleep or not taking care of myself with a newborn or toddler) but they will pass.  It felt so good to know that I didn't put ANYTHING in my body while I was pregnant with Arabella that could harm her.

My New Medicine Cabinet:

Hylands Kid's Kit-  This is a homeopathic kit with everything you need in case your baby is teething, has a stuffy nose or a booboo.  Homeopathic is all natural and derived from plants and flowers.  I knew as a new mom I wanted to have something on hand if Arabella needed something.  These help the body heal naturally.

Netty Pot-  I LOVE my Netty pot!  I use it every night.  This will flush out a stuffy nose from cold or allergies.  Also, it will flush out any germs if you have come in contact with any throughout the day.  The key is to make the water very warm and put enough salt (think sea water) in it.  This will make a natural flow of water and keep you from feeling like you are drowning.

Peroxide or Salt Water Solution-  These two work wonderfully as a antibacterial treatment.  Using these helps only kill the bad bacteria in a cut or anything else instead of the antibacterial treatments that kill off both the good and bad bacterial.  When you kill off the good bacterial in a cut for instance- you keep the cut from healing properly= a scar.

Natural Cough Drops and Spray-  Make sure you find the natural/organic cough drops and spray that are fruit derived and does not have sugar in them.  I learned this the hard way.  I got Arabella a cough syrup that was organic and natural but it had a ton or organic sugar in it- she flipped out- sugar high and a cold doesn't mix!  There are some great ones out there but beware of the sugar.  Sugar also exacerbates the problem and causes more congestion and irritation.

No Antibiotics-  I don't use any antibiotics unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.  I have used any in over 4 years.  This is especially important if you are nursing.  If your baby isn't sick and the antibiotic kills off her good bacteria it can start a host of issues (i.e. yeast infection and thrush).  Yes, it might take you a couple of days longer to get rid of the infection but if it isn't too serious try to hang in there. 

I did use an antibiotic ointment on Arabella one time.  She got scratched by a cat and it was looking a little too red around the edges so I used the ointment.  I am so thankful to have antibiotics when we really need them.  I do believe most people over use them.

Fun Band aids-  Yes, these aren't organic but a Dora or Woody Band aid does wonders. : )

Again, if you are taking care of yourself- exercising, eating organic whole foods, limiting sugar and getting as much rest as possible (I know- ha ha mamas).  This will work for you.  You shouldn't get sick that often and your body will be strong enough to fight it off if you prepare it well.



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