Friday, December 2, 2011

This Moment- Co-Sleeping

We have been co-sleeping since the night Arabella was born.  I cherish these nights of cuddling.  I know some people think that it could be dangerous. But unless you are under the influence of something, your mother instinct will wake you up before you role over.  Co-sleeping has also been a blessing because when Arabella would wake up, I was right there to nurse her or soothe her.  I was told by my mid-wife about how you and the baby hardly wake up if you are right there together because she will just wiggle around a little and then latch on.  I don't feel like I had those tireless nights when she was an infant because this exact thing would happen every night.
Don't get me wrong, not every night is a peaceful harmony of cuddling.  Some nights she likes to lay ON me.  Yes, that is mama some where under Arabella.  Weighing 40 + pounds, this can be a little hard to breath. : )  I still wouldn't give it up for anything.

Now Arabella co-sleeps with her babies. : )  She will be such a good mama.

The theory is that you co-sleep with your child until she or he decides to go to their own bed.  This usually happens around 3-5 years old.  You give them all the security they need until they are independent enough to do it on their own.  Most parents that practice this say they have to beg their child to come lay with them because they are so secure on their own. 

Yay for Happy, Independent Children!


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