Sunday, December 4, 2011

How To Get A Tight Tush

The squat is one of the best ways to engage the glute (butt) muscles.   It helps lift everything back up to where it is suppose to be. : )

If you don't have any existing knee problems, this is the version that is best.  Sit back until your thighs are parallel to the ground.  You can put a chair behind you to get the feel for it.  Push through your heels so the pressure doesn't go to your knees.  Try to repeat 15-20 times.  And squeeze those buns!

The Tri-Angle Leg Lift is another move that really works that tush.  Lay on your stomach.  Place your foot at your knee to make a triangle.  Lift your bent knee off the ground about 2 inches.  This is a very small motion but it really works that butt.  This is a great movement if you do have knee problems and can't do the squat.

The best combo to get the Tightest Tush is to walk or run up hills, take two stairs at a time and do 15-20 reps of both of these exercises.  Work up to doing one set (15-20 reps) of the Squats then do 15-20 reps of the Tri-Angle Leg Lifts then repeat the cycle three times. 

Guarantee Tight Tush. : )



  1. Thank you Stefanie! Glad I can train you from afar. : )