Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No More Toxins: In My Kitchen

I was determined to get rid of every toxin in my house and body after I lost my first daughter to the #1 toxin- mercury.  Loosing her was totally preventable if I had the knowledge (I wrote about her in Joy- Who Truly Made Me Healthy).  I starting reading tons of books about toxins.  I could not believe all that I was missing.  We ate semi organic and thought we were healthy.  After a chelation test (I wrote about this in How I Rid My Body Of Mercury), I found I had a ton of toxins in my body.  After these events, my world was shook upside down. 

I was on a mission to find and get rid of every toxin in my house, my body and my husband's body.  I probably went a little overboard but after I became aware of everything, I couldn't not do something about it.

After my husband and I both did a cleanse that I bought at our health food store (we did Smart Cleanse- first the Heavy Metal one then the General one).   I started making my Green Smoothies every day to get any extra toxins out. 

I then started cleaning out the toxins in my kitchen.

I switched to EVERYTHING organic.  You just can't trust when something says "All Natural".  The companies are allowed to still genetically modify and add toxins.  I try to buy as many whole foods because it will cut down on cost if you don't buy packaged (aside from the fact that real live food is much better for you).  I also try to buy as much food from the farmers market because it is fresh and full of nutrients. It also hasn't been packaged in plastic

I got rid of every plastic in my kitchen.  Plastic cups, zip lock bags plastic wrap, food storage containers, spoons, everything.  Plastic has many toxins that alter your hormones.  These are especially harmful if you put hot food in them.  The more elastic the plastic i.e. food baggies and plastic wrap, the more toxins in them.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to find alternatives.  We use all glass to drink out of.  I cook in stainless steal or glass.  I store our food in glass with plastic lids but that is okay because the food isn't touching the plastic.  Instead of plastic wrap, I use non-bleach wax paper and tape it up.

We stopped using the Microwave.  There are many studies that show that microwave use kills nutrients in our food.  Why would I go through all the trouble to eat organic when it's just going to be destroyed in the microwave.  Also, studies have shown that there are radioactive properties to food after they are heated in a microwave.  I haven't used one in three years.  I just heat my food in the oven, covered on 300 degrees.  Takes a little patience but it is so worth it.

I make sure I don't cook anything in aluminum.  I had extremely high levels of aluminum in me.  This is scary because it can cause memory loss and early dementia.  I was cooking on aluminum cookie sheets, aluminum muffin pans and in aluminum pans with non-stick coating.  I changed to stainless steal and caste iron.  You can find good deals at Target and at Good Will.

We installed a water filter. You would be shocked at the amount of toxins and chemicals that are in your water.

This may seem like a lot but it is so worth it!  I had to go through something horrible before I changed and really realized what was going on in my body.  You can be thinking you are doing just fine but all of this stuff adds up.  I had the motivation of trying to create the healthiest baby I could after loosing Joy.  My mission now is to share my story so I can help prevent any other children being hurt because someone simply didn't have the knowledge.

I will share with you all the other things I changed in up coming post.




  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. Out of your loss you found inspiration and are better because of it...and now you are inspiring us! ;o)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. I know my purpose of going through this is to help prevent this from happening to any other mamas and babies. Thanks for listening. : )