Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Moment- Friends

I sing a song to Arabella that goes- Arabella is my best friend, Arabella is my girlfriend, Arabella is my angel.  I have felt this way from the moment she was born. 
Actually, when she was in my belly I would tell my mid-wife that I never felt lonely because I had my little buddy with me all the time.
It was 2 years and one month before I left her with anyone for an extended period time.  Some people can't believe this or think it isn't healthy but the truth is, I enjoy being with her so much that I didn't feel the need.
This is a picture of one of Arabella's friends.  Oh, what sweet girls.  On the bottom is my best friend from childhood.  There is nothing like those tried and true friends that you truly trust with everything.  I love you Shelley!
On the other hand, have you ever had one of those friendships that just broke your heart?  This happened to me this past year and it was really hard to deal with.  You know you find that friend that you give your heart and soul to but in the end you find out they were just using you.  Almost like in high school when you really liked a boy but in the end you realize he just wanted one thing. 

I met this friend about two years ago and jumped right in with trusting her with everything.  When I say EVERYTHING I mean everything.  She was the first person I trusted to see after I lost my first child.  I allowed her to come into my house to give me a massage to relieve stress from loosing Joy, even before I saw my parents. 

I even pumped milk to give to her baby when her child wouldn't nurse.  I never pumped for Arabella but my friend needed me so I pumped on one side while Arabella nursed on the other.

I thought we were as tight as friends could get after all of that.  Then she asked me to go into business with her.  I jumped right in even though I had been warned by several people not too, especially my husband.  He would ask almost every week about her motives but again, I trusted. 

Then I started realizing she was only nice to me when she could get something from me.  I kept on though because I didn't think she could really be treating me this way.  Until the day I got the slap across the face.

She made it loud and clear that she had used me for what she wanted (to build her business and use my name to bring legitimacy to it) and she was done with me.

My heart was broken.

This shook my world upside down.

Lesson learned.

Everything happens for a reason.

Has something like this ever happened to you?  What did you do?


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