Saturday, November 26, 2011

Burn Baby Burn

Running is one of the best ways to burn off that post Thanksgiving couple of pounds.  If you can't run, walking will work but just go a little longer.  I think your body sees the best results because it is one of the most natural ways for your body to move.

Call me crazy but I actually look forward to my run after a couple of days of laying around.  I'm just not sleeping as good and I feel very sluggish.  As soon as I hit those trails, I get very engergized as my little coach aka Arabella yells "run really really fast mama" from her jogging stroller. : )

A good run can also help you deal with any family stress that you might have had to deal with over the Holiday.  We all know we need help in that department.  I feel like I have taken a wonderful deep breath after my run and the problems are quit as bad.

This is Arabella in my running shoes.  I will write a post about them soon.  She alternates them with my heels.  Good balance between jock and girly girl. : )

Also, I feel like a need a good cleanse after all those goodies.  I do have a sweet tooth, so I let myself indulge a little. I try not to worry too much about not eating organic either. I think it is good for you metally to take a break every once and a while. But after about a day and half of goodies, my body starts to crave a green smoothie and other healthy foods.

Each time you run or walk, please take the time to stretch. This is SOOOOOOOOOOO important. It will help your muscles prepare for the next run and prevent injury. Here are some great post-run stretches:

This quad stretch will help keep the muscles around your knees elastic and keep from pulling on them.

This hamstring stretch will really help prevent your tight hamstrings from pulling on your low back.  60% of low back problems come from tight hamstrings.

This stretches your IT band (the muscle that runs alongside the outside of your thigh). The IT band can get very tight from running (and from being on your feet all day, mamas!)

This stretches your inner thighs and again will keep you from having any knee problems.

Hold each stretch for about 30 seconds and take long deep breaths.
I also believe in having good shoes. I know times are tough but good shoes are an investment that can help prevent injury or even aches when they are unnecessary. My favorite is the Vibram 5 Fingers Shoes.  They are the closest thing to help you have a natural stride. They help your body work the way it is suppose to and thus preventing injury. If you are in Tallahassee, The Shoe Box has a great selection.
Run Mamas Run!


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