Thursday, November 10, 2011

Make Your Own Sling

I am a huge fan of baby wearing, when Arabella was younger, I would even workout with her in a sling or carrier! Arabella was outgrowing her last sling, so I decided to try to make one. I was nervous, because if you follow my blog, you know that I am not a skilled sewer. I was also nervous, because I realized that this could turn out dangerous, if I didn't make it well. I found a nice sturdy fabric, researched what the strongest stitch is, and bought heavy duty thread. I am happy to say that it was a great success! Here's how I did it. Since, I had already made the sling in the picture above, before I decided to share with you, I made a mini version to show you the step-by-step process. I didn't do any measurements. I just laid it next to my smaller sling and cut it slightly bigger. First lay your fabric flat.
Then fold it, so that the right sides are facing. Sew along the side. I used the re-enforced setting stitch here and then went back over it.
Next, pull one end through the center like your turning it inside out, but stop when the ends meet. Sew the ends together in a circle, so that you still have a hollow center. Leave about two inches open, so you can pull the fabric through and make it right side out. I re-enforced these stitches too. This is going to carry my most precious cargo ever. Can't do too much re-enforcing!
Pull the fabric through your 2 inch hole. This will turn it right side out and create the shape of the sling that you want.
You will have a little hole left. You can stop here and finish it with a hand-stitch. Or you can add a padding and pleats like I did.
Arabella weighs 35 pounds, so I needed a pad. I made a seam, at the top where the hole was left, all the way around about an inch wide. I then stuffed bamboo pillow filler (got it at JoAnn's) in the hole. I used a chop stick to push it through. I closed the hole by making a pleat and then sewing a square.
Please remember, I haven't had any formal training, so my stitching isn't pretty. I added the flower from my garden to distract you. : )
I made four of these pleats. Two on the top with the pad and two on the bottom. I randomly spaced them so it would create a nice pouch for Arabella.
Voila! Happy Baby in her sling = Happy Mama!

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