Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday to my Dad!

Happy 80th Birthday to my Dad!  I am a daddy's girl.  I love my dadio (that is what I call him or Joedad- his name is Joe).
I can't believe he is 80.  He is such a young 80.  He eats right and walks every day with his dog PoPo.  I got PoPo for him when he retired and he has been a great buddy for him.
Okay, now I am going to cry as I write this.  I love my dad.  He has been wonderful to me.  No, not perfect but he did the best he could do.  I love him for being him.

This is Arabella dancing for him at his 79th birthday.  Me and my dad use to dance every Sunday as we listened to Prairie Home Companion.  I would tell him "listen to the beat" and clap for him just like Arabella is doing here. Tears.  I would also stand on his feet as we danced around the room. : )

We were so blessed to stay at one of my friends/clients cabin for his birthday.  It is on a beautiful lake.  It was such a wonderful retreat for all of us.  Thank you Tottin Family!

Arabella helped me present JoJo (that is what Arabella calls him) with his organic birthday cake.  In return JoJo shared his cake.
Arabella was very satisfied and off to burn off her sugar high since she never gets sugar.
This was at Lamoyne's Christmas last year.  Lamoyne is an art gallery that puts on a wonderful Christmas celebration every year.  It is tradition that me and my dad go every year and pick out the best Christmas ornament.  Now Cory and Arabella are included.  It doesn't feel like Christmas until we share this moment.

Arabella is sending you hugs, JoJo.  We LOVE you!  Happy Birthday!



  1. Hi Tara! I just found your blog through Facebook...LOVE it! So glad we can keep up with you all and Arrabella a little more now. :)

  2. Hi Autumn! So glad to have you! Hope we can have a playdate one day! : )