Friday, November 18, 2011

This Moment- Camping

This summer we had a wonderful time camping.  With these hard economic times, we couldn't afford a big vacation so we made do.  We ended up finding some wonderful spots to camp.  This is in Cape San Blas.  It is on the Gulf Coast.

We founds some wonderful state and nationals parks all within 2 hours of our house.  It only cost $4 dollars to camp at most parks.  Most people are scared of taking a baby/toddler camping but Arabella LOVED it.

Yes, she would wake up at sunrise but that is okay once and a while. 

Our best trips where camping on the beach.   This is an amazing experience!  You get to build a camp fire and listen to the waves at the same time. 
This was our camp at Cumberland Island.  What an amazing place!  You are on an island that has these wonderful live oaks and palms and then the ocean is right there.  This is Dada setting up camp. : )

They do have raccoons on the island so they provide a storage cage for your food and trash.  Arabella thought is was the best thing ever!  Her own little house.
This is the beach on Cumberland Island.  We were out there by 7 a.m. and nobody around.  We had so much fun!

Another great thing about the island is the wild horses roaming around.  You would be just walking around on the trails and see all these horses and their new babies.  Arabella just couldn't believe her eyes.  Mama's dream came true on making her happy.
We had to take a ferry to get to the island.  Arabella loved that too.

She is a tree hugger.  : )  Just kidding but she did hug this tree.

This was our last camp at Port Saint Joe Peninsula.  We got so lucky and experienced the Monart Butterfly migration.  There were butterflies everywhere!  Magical!
We were gathering up to get ready for our hike to our camp site.

We have perfected our method.  We figured out how to pack everything in a wheel barrow and then make the trek on the sand near the beach with Arabella on top. : )

What a sight.  You get to have a camp fire and a sun set at the same time.  Arabella is enjoying her marsh mellows. I don't give her a lot of sugar but we all need a treat now and then.  I get these marsh mellows from New Leaf.  They are all natural (still lots of sugar but no dyes).  Did you know that all other marsh mellows have blue dye in them.  These are just as delish without the dyes.  Makes mama happy.

In the morning when we wake up, Arabella just loves exploring her surroundings (sand, ocean- she said it was her swimming pool : ).
We brought our camp down to the beach to enjoy the day.
I highly recommend camping for your family.  Don't be afraid of doing it with your baby/toddler.  They will get so tuckered out with all the wonderful surroundings that they will sleep through the night on a good air mattress.  Happy Camping!

Tara, Cory & Arabella

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