Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10 Ways to Add Physical Fitness to your Daily Life

1.When standing at the sink, raise up and down on your calves.  This is great for your legs muscle and helps with blood flow especially if you are pregnant. ( I was 6 months preggers here : )

2. Before you get out of bed, lay on your back and lift and lower your legs.  Make sure to press your lower back into the bed.  If that is too hard, do a scissor motion with your legs.  This is a great lower ab exercise.  Also like mega kegals. : )

3. When going up stairs, try to take two at a time.  This is like doing lunges.  You will work the largest group of muscle in your body (the quads) and in turn burn lots of calories and work your heart.

4. While sitting at a red light, hold your abs in tight.  Remember to breath.
5. While sitting at your computer, sit on a stability ball.  This activates 10% more of your core muscles.
6.  When shopping, park as far away as you can.  This will add up throughout the week for some good cardio.
7.  When putting on your shoes, stand and bend forward.  Hold this for a minute to stretch your hamstrings.  60% of all low back problems come from tight hamstrings.  
8.  Whenever you have to pick something up, bend at the knees and do a squat.  This will work your legs, butt and save your low back from any stress.
9.  When sitting in the bath, lean forward to stretch the hamstrings.  The warm water is perfect for a good stretch.
10.  Lift your child in the air several times of day.  Your arms will get a great workout and your child will have a blast. 

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