Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY Tomato Stakes

Arabella is exercising a lot of patience, waiting for the tomatoes to get ripe in our garden. She asks, "touch em?" to see if she can just touch them. We have only lost about 4 green tomatoes to those sweet little fingers. Not only did my sweet and handy husband create our raised garden beds, he also created these Eco-friendly tomato stakes. He used the bamboo out of our yard and cut them into about 3 foot long stakes. He then created a tee pee or cone shape with three of them. He held them together by looping copper wire around each piece of bamboo about a foot from the bottom. He repeated the process a foot above that. You can use any wire you have handy.
If you don't have bamboo in your back yard, it is very cheap to buy or you could find it wild somewhere. It is one of the fastest growing plants, so that is what makes it Eco-friendly. In some regions it can grow as much as three feet a day!  I also found out that it is a symbol of friendship in India. : )

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