Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Posey Pesto

Let me just say first that I LOVE food. I love eating it and playing with it (i.e. creating new recipes).  I have been making a ton of Pesto lately. We have been eating it as sort of an appetizer/snack. In my quest to make as many local ingredient dishes as I can (if you remember in my garden post- local food has a ton more nutrients), I decided to change the pesto recipe a little.
I also remembered how full of nutrients basil is. Basil is also know as Holy Basil in most Asian countries. It is know to fight of any ill-health in the home. It has anti-bacterial properties in it that fight any kind of common cold or bacterial infection. It also has the ability to protect the cells from radiation or other harmful things in the body that want to damage cells (i.e. oxidants- the reason it is called an anti-oxidant). If we eat this before and after we have to have anything done to us, it can protect us. Pretty cool. We get to eat something that is yummy to our tummy (as Arabella would say it) and protect our bodies. Basil has a ton of vitamin K (which is great for blood clotting). So pregnant mama's eat up. If you have enough vitamin K before you give birth you don't have to worry about your baby needing a vitamin K shot. : )
Just to warn you chefs out there- I don't measure things if I don't have to. I just guesstimate and taste as I go. Here's my recipe:
2 handfuls of local basil (so easy to grow yourself too- mine is still too small)
4 ounces of raw cheese (I get ours from Sweet Grass Dairy-a local farm)
the cheese I picked was called "Lovely" I didn't know what it would taste like

but I couldn't resist the name. Tasted kind of like mix of Parmesan and

1 cup local pecans (regular pesto calls for pine nuts but I wanted to have as
many local ingredients as I could so I used pecans)
1 large clove of local garlic (my mom grows delish garlic)
1/4 cup organic extra virgin olive oil (or like I said- I don't really measure I just
keep pouring till it blends well.)
1 tsp salt or to taste
Chop the cheese into cubes and throw everything in the blender or food processor and blend. I  topped mine on  toasted some sprouted bread with some butter.  

So yummy! Arabella loves it.

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