Thursday, October 13, 2011

How I Rid My Body Of Mercury

I chose to did Chelation after I lost my daughter and discovered how toxic mercury amalgam fillings are. I wanted to make sure I got every bit out of my body! Chelation is a man-made amino acid. It binds to heavy metals in the body and brings them out through the kidneys and urine. You want to make sure you have good healthy kidneys before you do this.
I did the I.V. Chelation first. I have to admit- it was kind of scary when the nurse starting injecting this "stuff" into me. I had a moment of panic, but told myself how worth it would be to have a clear mind know that I got all the mercury out of me.
I then had to pee into a jug for the next 24 hours. At first, I felt like a truck hit me, and then all of a sudden, I felt like I could run a marathon. I had so much energy and could think so clearly. I know this sounds crazy, but that is what happened.
Then I took my jug of pee to the doctor's office and they sent it to a lab for testing. They measure how much mercury and other heavy metals that were pulled out.
I was SHOCKED! I had all kinds of chemicals in me! I had been eating semi- organic. I thought I was healthy. WRONG!
I was in the 95th percentile for aluminum (I cooked in aluminum pans, used tin foil and used deodorant with aluminum in it). Aluminum can decrease brain function and cause memory loss. I was in the 64th percentile for mercury (after having 16 large amalgam fillings taken out with no protection). Mercury is a #1 toxin causing depressed immune function, memory loss and a ton of other issues. I had lead (from burning candles with lead wicks) cadmium from 2nd hand smoke and many other substances.
I was scared for sure. My mission became to be as TRULY healthy as possible.
I researched natural Chelators. Greens are great natural Chelators, especially cilantro. They work very gently to pull any chemicals out of you. I started doing my Green Smoothies everyday. This would be an option, if you don't want to go as severe as I did. Or if you are pregnant or nursing. You and your baby will get great nutrients while you get rid of any chemicals.
My next goals was to learn about any other chemicals that I might have missed. You don't have to knock me over the head twice to get my attention. I learned I had been doing SO much wrong.
It was time to get TRULY healthy, so we could try for our sweet baby that we longed for. My husband did a heavy metal cleanse that he got from the local health food store. We changed the way we ate, cooked and many things in our house.  Stay tuned for what we did specifically.


  1. Tara, When did you do this? I'm still nursing Tyler and it sounds like I'd have to do it via green smoothie. What do you think?

  2. Hi Jen! I did this 9 months before I got pregnant with Arabella. Yes, if you are nursing still, I would do it through the green smoothies. The greens will flush out the toxins without it going through the milk. I would add lots of fresh cilantro too. I make these daily and feel like I get a good cleanse. Let me know if you have any other questions. : ) Good luck. Love, Tara

  3. Hi Tara - I clicked on the link to the green smoothie recipe but it didn't load - do you have the recipe handy? 18 weeks pregnant and suddenly worrying about my love of tuna sushi!

    1. Hi Kristin, Congratulations on your pregnancy! Can you send me your e-mail so I can link it to you. or the link should work now- we were working on my post set-up the other day. This will be perfect timing to start the green smoothies. : ) -Tara

  4. Hi, just wondering if you actually had the fillings removed? Thanks:)

    1. Hi, I did have them removed. The dentist didn't follow procedure to remove them safely and that caused the mercury vapors and pieces to go into my system and then into Joy's (my baby). I recommend finding a holistic dentist or one that is certified by DAMS. They will remove them safely. Let me know if you have any other questions. : )