Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Sewing Spot

I didn't grow up with a mother that sewed, so I have always been intimidated by the sewing machine. My dad use to hand sew pillows, so I started hand sewing things first. Finally, I just dove in and started using the machine. I am still learning, but LOVE using a sewing machine! I hope my love is passed on to my sweet Arabella.

Arabella loves to come "help" me sew. She gets her fabric and says "click" "click" pretending she is sewing her own masterpiece. This is her Great Grandmother's (G.G.- Cory's Grandmother) sewing machine. The detail on it is beautiful!  It's a Brother sewing machine, but I am not sure what year. Couldn't you just eat up those precious fingers. : )
I guess I can be kind of cheesy, but I found this cute sign on Valentine's Day at JoAnn's. I gave one to two of my dear friends that love to sew also. It says "Sew Happy Together". It makes me smile each time I see it.
So this is our sewing space. It isn't anything fancy, but it is open and clean. I love coming up here to create whatever has inspired me lately.


  1. How odd...Tara you must be left handed as the sewing machine is sitting with the needle facingthe right instead of the left! I;ve never seen this arragement before.

    Donna, your former neighbor behind Chris.

    1. :) This is Arabella's sewing machine and she is amidextress :)

      Had such a lovely time with you guys Saturday!

      Thank you so much for her turtle towel. So cute! Hope to see you soon!

      Love, Tara & Arabella