Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Favorite Moments

Here are a couple of my favorite moments with Arabella:
This is 45 minutes after Arabella was born when Cory was cooking breakfast.  Brings all those emotions back and my eyes tear up every time. Word can't describe This Moment.
I love co-sleeping with Arabella.  We get to cuddle every morning.  I want to have her with us every night until she decides different.  If she ever wakes up upset,  I am right there to soothe her.  The time is slipping by to fast and she is getting so big.  We have transitioned from her being able to cuddle up in my little spoon.  But now she stretches her legs over mine and rest her head on my arm. 
I never want to forget this moment when Arabella takes my hand.  I feel her sweet soft little fingers grab mine and lead me to where she wants to explore.  This moment she was leading me to the birds on the oceans edge at Keaton Beach. 

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