Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabric Spring Wreath

Like I said in my intro, I feel like I still have the nesting bug from when I was pregnant with Arabella. Now I love creating crafty things with her. She has a blast pretending she us cutting the fabric while she says "clip clip".
I bought this straw wreath at Micheal's. It was the cheapest one- $3.99. I left the plastic covering on it because it started falling apart when I tried opening it.
I got the green material from JoAnn's on sale for $6 a yrd but probably only used a foot. I cut it into 3 inch strips. Then hot glued one end on the wreath and then started wrapping it around the wreath. Hot glued the end and then repeated the process until I had about 6 inches left to cover. I then used a flowered piece of material to cover this section using the same method.
I made the fabric flowers with ribbon that was large and had wire in it (from Micheals too). I also used more of the flowered fabric. I cut long strips about 8 inches long. I then accordion folded them on one side. I then hot glued them to the wreath. I found the decorative balls at Micheals too and hot glued them on.

We had a huge mess all over the floor. Which is what is expected when you have a 18 month old helper, but it was all worth it! -Tara :)

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